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The HIPAA - GDPR MD SaaS Alliance Marketplace™ is designed to connect Medical Professionals (Covered Entities or CEs) with vendors (Business Associates or BAs) they can trust. Vendors are verified by Compliance Group’s industry-standard BIP HIPAA - GDPR MD SaaS Compliance Seal™ to earn their place in our secure, closed, HIPAA - GDPR  compliant marketplace.

With Covered Entities and Business Associates working in BIPmd ecosystem, The HIPAA - GDPR MD SaaS Alliance™ saves members time, money, and the frustration of searching for HIPAA - GDPR compliant vendors. The BIPmd ecosystem allows organizations to confidently work together, with standard Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and validated and verified HIPAA - GDPR compliant vendors.

Take the risk out of your business! Choose a validated HIPAA - GDPR compliant partner with confidence.

BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR Healthcare IT Marketplace

For Business Associates

  • Acquire new highly qualified clients
  • Differentiate your business
  • Receive the BIPmd HIPAA - GDPR Compliant Seal
  • Verified and Validated HIPAA - GDPR compliance
  • Gain Market Exposure

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For Covered Entities

  • Electronic Health and Medical Records Providers
  • Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  • Security and Risk Assessment – IT/MSP/SaaS
  • Software Providers, Email, Encryption, Back up and Print
  • Practice Management Consultants
  • marketers, compliance experts, and everything else your practice needs!


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