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BIPmi-1 21MW modular Power Generation Plant plan view BIPmi-1 21MW modular Power Generation Plant perspective

BIP Mining Lending Partners

We are in an asset heavy industry.

Luckily, because we mine with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), our hardware is liquidable despite the fluctuations of the Cryptocurrency market. That’s because we use off-the-shelf, consumer-grade graphics cards. These graphics cards are in high demand by computer gamers and many others other applications.

Liquidable Assets – You might find our assets (Graphics cards) on shelves at Best Buy or as popular liquidable items on Amazon.

Asset Backed – Our lenders have a steady, reliable, pipeline of low risk loans because loans are backed with real assets.

We are seeking lending partners who can assist us with leveraging our assets.

Line of Credits

Line of credits will help us better manage cash flow when short term asset purchasing opportunities come up.

Short & Long Term Loans

Asset backed loans can help us leverage our assets so we can have cash to purchase additional assets.

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