2 Reasons for Less than 5 Fingers

By: [email protected] (Charles Goldfarb, MD)

Posted on: December 14, 2020

Category: Central Deficiency (cleft Hand) , Missing Digits , Symbrachydactyly

2 Reasons for Less than 5 Fingers

 A brief post with lots of pictures and videos on two conditions that may cause less than five fingers.  As I have previously written, there are 5 common causes.  Parents have given permission.

Diagnosis 1.  Symbrachydactyly.  This patient has a great thumb and nubbins past the metacarpals.  However function is excellent.  The child will likely favor the normal opposite extremity.

Symbrachydactyly with great thumb

Palm view of symbrachydactyly with great thumb

Effective grasp in patient with symbrachydactyly