Episode #8: Life Insurance – a Hidden Gem of a Nonclinical Career

By: Heather Fork

Posted on: December 9, 2020

Category: Podcast , Life Insurance , Nonclinical Career

Episode #8: Life Insurance – a Hidden Gem of a Nonclinical Career

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If you like using your clinical knowledge but need a change from patient care, Life Insurance Medicine could be for you. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how a burned out internal medicine physician hit the breaking point and how she found a new career she loves. You’ll also learn why Life Insurance medical directors find so much satisfaction in their work that they often stay until retirement.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • The steps a burned-out physician took to find a nonclinical job she loves.
  • What physicians do in Life Insurance Medicine.
  • What kind of physicians make a good fit for this sector.
  • Compensation for Life Insurance medical directors.
  • Tips for exploring a career in Life Insurance Medicine.

Links for this episode:

AAIM American Academy of Insurance Medicine
Insider’s Guide to Life Insurance Medicine

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Tags: Podcast , Life Insurance , Nonclinical Career

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