Holiday Gift Guide for Discerning Bone Lovers

By: Roy

Posted on: December 10, 2020

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Holiday Gift Guide for Discerning Bone Lovers

December posts the last two years have been

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This year’s suggestion spans the entire gambit from frugality to extravagance. You will find it particularly helpful for those discerning, curious individuals on your gift list who like to learn, and smile a bit in the process, i.e., nearly everybody!

Choose between the traditional, Kindle, and Audiobook versions. For the hard-to-please linguists on your list, consider the Russian or Korean translation.

If the recipient responds with a quizzical, “Why me? Why this?” when they open the gift, explain that

  • Amazon readers have given the choice five stars and included comments such as “this is how science writing should be done,” “entertaining and informative,” and “a wonderful read for anyone with a backbone.”
  • The Wall Street Journal and Nature have found your selection praiseworthy.
  • Radio interviewers and podcasters have clambered for opportunities to interview the author. These include KERA Think, NPR Cool Science, and Talk Nerdy. (If any of your giftees have been naughty this year, consider just sending them the links to these interviews!)
  • The gift continues into the new year if your giftee subscribes to Blog posts in the pipeline for 2021 include
    • Linguistics: Pater or faeder? Jawbone size affects speech.
    • Paleontology: Boro, the Bone Crusher
    • Geology: What bones have to say about earthquakes.
    • and topics on anatomy, strontium, hibernation

To end the suspense, here’s the recommended gift. Happy Holidays. To make your first-edition gift even more precious, contact us with the lucky recipient’s name and your snail mail address to receive an autographed bookplate.

Consider gifting BONES to yourself if you haven’t already.

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