International Calling

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1: Do you offer International DIDs?

Yes. We offer International DIDs in 63 countries around the world. By default, they are 2-channel max unlimited inbound numbers for a fixed flat rate per month. If additional channels are required beyond the 2-channel maximum, please open a support ticket to get a quote on boosting the number of channels per International phone number.

2: Do you offer international service and what are the rates?

Yes. We offer international outbound calling service. We offer competitive rates.

3: How does your International call fraud protection work?

We attack the problem of international call fraud on a number of fronts. First, we turn off International calling by default for all newly provisioned SIP trunks. You are able to modify this setting in the Control Panel. Second, you have the option to set the type of international calling ability on each trunk on our system (North America-only, or all international). In addition, you are able to set the maximum threshold for a calling destination for each trunk (by default it is $.25 per minute). BIPmd also maintains proprietary real-time International call fraud protection systems that monitor for potentially abusive international dialing patterns. If we suspect your SIP Trunk has been compromised, we will automatically terminate calls in progress, disable international calling on your trunk and notify you of the incident.

4: What is the international calling country blacklist and how can I disable it?

For the protection of our customers, we maintain a default blacklist of international calling destinations that are known for high fraud potential. The list is enabled by default on all of our trunks. If you have a requirement to call these destinations, you may request that the blacklist be removed for your account. In order to do this you must agree in writing that you will be responsible for any and all calls through your system regardless if they are legitimate or fraudulent. If you wish to obtain a copy of this form, please contact support and request the Blacklist Removal form.