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Reach B2b healthcare only cloud customers, through BIPmd's exclusive Software Marketplace

Get traction for your software company or open source project by listing your 1-Click Application in the BIPmd Marketplace. Once you create your listing, healthcare business, MSP's and developers can learn more about your product in our catalog and quickly deploy it from our Cloud Control Panel and API.


BIPmd Saas Vendor

Why list on the BIPmd Marketplace?

BIPmd Saas Vendor

Reach More Users

BIPmd's exclusive healthcare & medical community relies heavily on open source, free & commercial software when getting started. The BIPmd Marketplace helps them easily find and launch your project or product.

BIPmd Saas Vendor

Create New Revenue Streams

You can sell directly licenses to users and business now and we plan to make new billing features available to help you create new and easier revenue streams for your business or projects.

BIPmd Saas Vendor

Find New Customers

Putting your 1-Click App in the BIPmd Marketplace introduces your software to more customers, which can lead to more revenue.

How Developers & Software Vendors Are Using The BIPmd Marketplace

BIPmd Saas Vendor


TigerGraph's free 1-click Application enables the company to capture new users in record time.

BIPmd Saas Vendor


The 1-Tier storage pricing allows us to unlock the true power of our database product give our customers resources they could not afford before.

BIPmd Saas Vendor


Custom healthcare software development services.

How To List Your 1-Click Software or Web-Based Application On The BIPmd Marketplace

1. Register To Become A Marketplace Vendor

Just click Become a Vendor and give us a few pieces of information about your 1-Click App idea and your company. We'll respond with next steps or additional questions.

2. Build Your Image

Quickly and simply build a VM image on BIPmd manually, or automate via Genkins and Pipeline, then check its quality and readiness with our tools. Or you can simply build a Kubernetes app with a single PR on our repo.

3. Give us the details about your listing

Provide the details and your 1-Click Software & Web-based apps VMs and BIPmd automatically makes the software image available to all BIPmd customers once approved. (We plan to support listings of SaaS, applications soon, too.)

4. Engage with the community

We encourage you to connect with your users by sharing links to forums or other support channels within your Marketplace listing. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear what your users want out of your product or project. And don't forget to send users to your new 1-Click App listing.