Secure HIPAA - GDPR Server Hosting

We make secure HIPAA - GDPR servers hosting incredibly easy… for everyone.

Quick And Simple Secure HIPAA - GDPR Server Hosting Setup, So You Can Get On With Your Day!

Here at BIPmd, we’re all about secure HIPAA - GDPR server hosting. We work daily to improve the ease of installing and managing Secure HIPAA - GDPR servers. By eliminating the complexity of installing server software, we make it possible for anyone, anywhere, in the healthcare industry to start and deploy a server and software in a flash.

Now a HIPAA - GDPR compliant software and application developer can get started with the latest web technology stack; small business can host their apps like CRM, eMail, etc. in the cloud and information technology managers can standardize HIPAA - GDPR compliant cloud provisioning and infrastructure and much more.

BIPmd saves users countless hours of configuring and setting up servers.

Expert Server Management

We keep your server running smoothly and securely around the clock.
Focus on your business, not servers.

Block Storage Performance

Our servers connected by an ultra high speed distributed block storage system to make your sites and databases run faster than ever before.

Regular Backups

Multiple backups daily – less data loss and disruption to your business. Our rapid backup restoration gets you up and running more quickly too.

Free Migration Assistance

We make moving to your new home easy. Merely give us access to your old server, and our expert migration team take care of everything for you.

Disruption-Free Upgrade Technology

Instant upgrade or downgrade, without downtime or disruption.

Server Control Panel

Our customers prefer this industry-leading panel for its enhanced security, performance, and ease of use. Our expert migration team provide free assistance to help you migrate from cPanel, DirectAdmin, and others.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your server 24x7x365 and proactively resolve problems before you and your visitors even know they exist.

Comprehensive SLA

Every part of our service backed by industry-leading SLA guarantees to ensure excellent service quality.